Life Coaching

Do you sometimes feel stuck in life, you want to move forward but fear just locks you in.  Fear of failure?  Fear of what might happen?  Fear of the unknown.  Fear can lead to procrastination.  You may not be able to unlock how to move forward and then you just are stuck.  Wouldn’t you want to learn how to move forward easily and swiftly?

Have you ever mixed Joy with knowing what you are good at?  I have, and for the longest time, I thought I was joyful at what I did, but in reality, I just was good at what I did but I did not have intense joy doing it.  Could this be you?

How do you break away from fear and find real joy?  Join me for a 30 min session where we go over some steps to start to break yourself free.

Financial Coaching

Are you looking to improve your credit score so you can lower your interest, make getting a loan easier?  What about just getting out of debt?   Do you budget?  How can you control your money so it does not control you?

Learn all of this and more so that you too can live more financially free and not live paycheck to paycheck.

For $__  you can receive information that can change your life.  Are you ready to make that change?