Thank you for “healing” my bruxism.  I used to clutch my teeth so hard at night that my jaw would hurt in the morning.  I would clutch my jaw even during the day from the stress I was carrying around.  I still am in disbelief that after 1 session, it’s gone!  I don’t clutch my teeth no more (day or night) I wanted to wait to send you this as I wanted to know how long it would continue and it has been 4 months now.  Years of clutching my teeth gone!!   Should have seen you years ago!
Linda P.

Thank you for helping me lose the weight; not sure if it was the weight loss or the hypnosis together that also brought my blood pressure down.  I have now approach 60 lbs of weight loss and my blood pressure went from stroke levels down to being manageable.  I felt like giving up before, I couldn’t lose the weight, wasn’t motivated and the Drs were concerned of the high blood pressure.   It was worth the sessions and I’m glad I stayed committed
Steve J.

I chewed my nails all my life, such a bad habit I could never break.  One session and I now have beautiful nails for my wedding.  I don’t know how this works but I couldn’t be a happier bride
Stephanie K.